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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day | Avon Campaign 10 Top Picks

Hey friends! Jessica here! Today, I’m excited to share with you my top picks for campaign 10 and many of our wonderful Mother’s Day Gift sets! If you are as happy that spring is here as I am, hit the thumbs up button and make sure to subscribe and you’ll get notified when new videos are released.

Before we get to the Mother’s Day items, I wanted to touch on 3 new fragrances in our Haiku line. Haiku has been one of our top selling fragrances for many many years and we now have Hauki Intense fragrances which pays homage to the signature Haiku family of fragrances but now with more potent ingredients and longer wear time. Plus, you get a special gift with purchase!

Mother’s Day Fragrances

Haiku Intense Eau de Parfum

Mother's Day Fragrances

The first fragrance is Haiku intense and if you have a brochure, you can rub and sniff here! This is a fresh & clean scent that evokes the serenity of a beautiful garden oasis, blooming with Japanese yuzu and blonde woods. I’m not a huge fragrance or perfume wearer, so I didn’t purchase these but this rub and sniff is so nice!

This is on sale for $24.99 and you get a Hauki Sacred Intense luxury body cream try-it size with any Hauki collection fragrance.

Haiku Sacred Intense Eau de Parfum

Mother's Day Fragrances

The 2nd new fragrance is the Hauki Sacred Intense which is lso a fresh and clean scent that is a blend of tangerine, rose de mai and earthy driftwood.

You can also get the Luxury body wash for $14.99 and the full size luxury body cream for $18.99

Haiku Kyoto Flower Intense Eau de Parfum

Mother's Day Fragrances

The 3rd new Intense fragrance is the Haiku Kyoto Flower intense and you will delight yourself in an elegant bouquet of violet leaf, white peony and soft cotton musk. If you love fragrances, I think you’ll love this new line.

This sells for $24.99

Mother’s Day Gifts

Alright, ready for the Mother’s Day stuff? I am! Keep in mind, all of these are Limited Edition, so they will likely sell out and won’t be available for a long time, so get it while you can!

Special Buy Tote Bag

Mother's Day Gifts | Tote Bag

First, you can get this super nice two-toned canvas tote bag for only $19.99 with any $30 of mother’s day purchases! I love a good bag and I was so excited to get a nice canvas carry all for spring and summer. There is a pocket in the front with a button closure and an inside pocket as well!

If you wanted to purchase this separately, it is $50

Studio Gilded Gift Set

Mother's Day Studio Gilded Gift Set

First Mother’s Day item is our Studio 1886 Gilded Gift Set. This is a 3 piece fragrance set with a full size Parfum, full size body lotion and a Mother’s Day Exclusive hand cream. I love a good hand cream! This fragrance is a fresh and vibrant scent. Celebrate the opulence with an equisite blend of watery rhubarb, violet leaves and rich black currant. Did you see this box, how beautiful is this?!?! Also, if you have the brochure, there is a rub and sniff too. I like this fragrance but what I really love is the hand cream. I’m a sucker for hand cream.

This whole set is normally $76 but on sale for $54!

Indulge Me In Birthday Balms Gift Set

Mother's Day

Next Mother’s Day gift set is our Indulge Me in Birthday Balms. How cute is this packaging? Our birthday balms are a moisturizing butter soft mini lip crayon and in this, you get a trio! These are natural-looking shades and provide a sheet hint of color and shine.

The shades are Birthday Suit, Lovin’ Life and Surprise! For only $24!

Tie Me in Silky Touch Hair Scrunchies

Mother's Day

We also have Tie Me In Silky Touch Hair Scrunchies. In easy to wear classic shades: pink, peach and beige. I had no clue that scrunchies were going to be back in style and popular again. I remember in middle school, our receptionist at school made and sold scrunchies for $2.

And here we are 25 years later and Avon is selling them as a set of 3. For $15

Caress Me Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette

Caress Me Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette

Next is our Caress Me Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette. This is a creamy eyeshadow palette in six buildable nude tones. I love this and got it just for me because I don’t wear crazy eyeshadow colors. Nude colors are my jam. Great Mother’s Day gift

This palette normally sells for $34 and is on sale for $28

fmg Caress Me Cashmere Multi Palette

fmg Caress Me Cashmere Multi Palette

Caress Me Cashmere Multi Palette. This is a blush and highlighter to sculpt your cheekbones and face. It is very lightweight and has a luminous finish. And it comes with this brush!

This also normally sells for $34 but is on sale for $28

The Face Shop 10 Indulgent Moments Mask Set

The Face Shop 10 Indulgent Moments Mask Set

Next! Is The Face Shop 10 Indulgent Moments Mask set! 10 Sheet masks! Each mask targets specific skin care concerns. Aloe, soothes and moisturizes. Green tea, clarifies and hydrates. Blueberry, firms and revitalizes. Honey, hydrates and boosts radiance. Avocado, moisturizes and nourishes. Red Ginseng, firms and nourishes. Lemon, increase radiance. Pomegranate, revitizles and restores. Rice, softens and brightens. and Potato!! Cools and moisturizes.

All of these in this cute cute box for only $20

There are several more Mother’s Day Gift Sets that I didn’t mention, so check them out!

Crisscross Back Top

Last item is our Crisscross Back Top. It’s perfect for spring, it’s this cute pullover top with this crisscross detail on the back. It has a rounded hem. I love the length of it and I find it quite flattering and I feel kind of flirty and sexy in it! I have the blue/green color and it also comes in navy blue and Peach. I might get the peach one too!

This is on sale for $29.99

That’s it for today, I hope you’ve found some Mother’s Day stuff that you love, just like I have!

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