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Colorful Cat Eye – Take it from the Pro

Colorful Cat Eye – Take it from the Pro – Avon’s Kelsey Deenihan

Colorful Cat Eye – Take it from the pro, Kelsey Deenihan.

In this tutorial Kelsey Deenihan will teach you how to master The Colorful Cat Eye. Cat Eye is very popular this year and that is no surprise. Get attention where you want it, your eyes, with this bold look.

Take it from the pro Kelsey Deenihan

Colorful cat eye - Pro Tip from Kelsey: "For fall, switch up your go-to black liner for a rich bold shade like hunter green or sapphire blue. All lines point to gorgeous!"


Four Variations to Choose From


Classic Cat Eye

Shown here in dark green. Who says you have to use black. Mixing up color can really make a statement.

Classic Cat Eye - Hunter Green - Timeless cat eye in an unexpected pop of dark green.


Soft Wing Cat Eye

Staying Basic with a Soft Wing is subtle by comparison and is my personal favorite. Make a big statement with less.

Soft Wing - Brown Suede - Basic Wing in a rich chocolate with just an outer lower line - Classic Cat Eye


Dramatic Wing Cat Eye

Go for bold with a Dramatic Wing. Dramatic Wings flare out farther than the rest and are a real attention grabber. Bring it up a notch with a bright color like blue to make it really pop!

Dramatic Wing - Sapphire Blue - A full-on extended thick wing in a lush azure for maximum boldness - Classic Cat Eye



Double Flick

If the others aren’t quite flashy enough for you then I’d suggest the Double Flick. Truly give your eyes that special look with twin lines in a subtle shade like deep gray.

Double Flick - Dark Charcoal - Chic twin lines in subtle smokey deep gray.


Have your tools and art supplies?

Great! Watch the video below to learn how to apply this look and know that the first step to a great look from your makeup is a good canvas. Always start with a cleanse and proper skin care. You will find that when you start with a good base you will get a better overall look.



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Thank you for taking a look at these fabulous eyeliner designs. Always remember makeup is to be an extension of you. Be creative and have fun with it! Check back for more tutorials from Avon!


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