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Avon Cruise Like a Boss

Cruise Like a Boss – How To Earn a Cruise With New Avon

Cruise Like a Boss – How To Earn a Cruise With New Avon

Cruise Like a Boss – How To Earn a Cruise With New Avon



Cruise Like a Boss - How To Earn a Cruise With New Avon


Cruise Like a Boss Incentive!

You can earn a cruise to Bermuda with Avon! Let’s work together for you to earn it!

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Hi friends! Jessica here! There is a brand new incentive with Avon and I want to make sure YOU are going to earn! It is called “Cruise Like a Boss”! It is a cruise to Bermuda, 6 days, 5 nights ALL expenses paid in April of 2018.

This is an amazing incentive! My husband and I, two months ago, earned an all expenses paid vacation to The Bahamas and let me tell you, Avon knows how to vacation! They know how to throw a party! And if you’re on this cruise, you will remember it for the rest of your life.

This incentive IS achievable, it IS doable. Yes, it is going to take some planning and some work but you CAN achieve it and I’m here to help you and support you to earn a spot on this ship!

You can earn this cruise as a trip for 1 or a trip for 2. Who are you thinking of bringing with you? My husband is my plus 1 🙂

This incentive is a You Do, You Get. When you earn enough points, your spot will be secured and you’re going on the cruise. This is not a raffle. This is something you work towards and you earn it.


How do you earn it? This incentive is going through Campaign 20 of 2017 through Campaign 6 of 2018. We have almost 6 months to earn this cruise!

The trip for 1 is 7,000 points and the trip for 2 is 11,000 points.

You will earn points for your sales and bringing on new team members.


When you have sales of $300-$499, you will earn 100 points for each campaign.

When you have sales of $500 or more, you will earn 200 points for each campaign.

When you bring on 1 team member and they place a first or second order of $150, you earn 300 points.

When that 1 team member places additional $150 orders, you will earn 100 points EACH time!

When you promote to new leadership titles for the first time, you will earn 1,000 points

When you mentor a team member to promote their leadership title, you will earn 500 points


There are many different configurations to earn this cruise.. what plan are you making? Make a plan A, plan B and plan C!

If you are new in this business and have never reached a leadership level, here’s an example of what you can achieve.

Have sales of $500 every campaign = 2,600 points

Bring in 12 new team members with $150 first or second order = 3,600 points

These 12 new team members will qualify you to title (for first time) as Bronze Ambassador = 1,000 points

=7,200 points! You earn the trip for 1!

AND you’ll earn a $500 bonus when you title to Bronze Ambassador! Yay!


To qualify for the trip for 2 (11,000 points)

Help 6 of those people continue placing orders of $150 or more and you’ll earn 100 points each time = 6 team members X 7 campaigns X 100 points = 4,200 points

=11,400 points!



If you work at this every day, you WILL earn this and we’ll celebrate on the cruise together!


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