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Today I wanted to share with you What’s Hot!? in Avon Campaign 19! I’ve SO been looking forward to sharing with you my new favorite product that I’m telling everybody about! It’s our new Mattitude Matte Liquid Lipstick! This has surpassed all my expectations, Avon has done a REALLY great job on the formula and color of these! AND what’s great is that you can enter to win all 8 colors! Here’s the link to get your entries in:

The sweepstakes only goes until August 29, so ENTER TO WIN!

Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick

ENTER TO WIN Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick

Why do I LOVE these? They are super light, they don’t feel like you have anything on your lips and last for hours! In my experience, a lot of matte lipsticks can dry my lips out but these have poppy seed oil and vitamin E, so they actually nourish and smooth your lips. These are paraben free, sulfate free and have a huge color pay off. These are super saturated in color, so much in fact, the first time I tried this on, I got it all on my teeth. Ha!

These come in 8 colors with the best names! The color I am currently wearing is Devoted. This is a pinkish color. Then we have Driven, Ambitious, Relentless, Persistent, Resolute, Tenacious and Resilient. My 3 favorite are Devoted, Driven and Resolute. I also really like Ambitious. I think it’s super fun to put on a color and have the name give make you feel fabulous for the day. If I want to be Ambitious for the day, I put on a swipe of this. When we were in New Orleans for RepFest, I wore these and they truly lasted hours. These will be selling for $12 but they intro special is $8.99 each!

Shop Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick Now

Harvest Autumn Berry Twist

If you love fall and fall scented items, the next product is going to be right up your alley! We actually had it last fall but it sold out really quickly! It is our new fall scent, Autumn Berry Twist! It has a tangy sweetness with ripened blackberries, luscious pomegranate and a warm twist of amber spice. I have the body mist but am definitely getting the body cream.. because apparently I can’t have enough scented body lotions. You can also get the shower gel and hand cream. But remember, get them while you can because they will likely sell out!

Shop Avon Harvest Treasures Autumn Berry Twist Line

ENTER TO WIN Mattitude Set!

Sacred Coin Short-to-Long Necklace

ENTER TO WIN | Scared Coin Short-to-Long Necklace

Now, for a piece of jewelry! Our Short-to Long necklace is modeled after ancient currency from and Coin Jewelry is on trend! I have the “Moon” in goldtone. I love that these are adjustable in length with this easy slider which lets you layer your necklaces really easily. You can also get a Cross in goldtone, a sun in silvertone and the Tree of Life in silvertone too! The regular price is $24.99 but they’re on sale for $12.99!

Shop Sacred Coin Short-to-Long Necklace

Avon Current Campaign A Box


Last item, my friends is our Fall Best of Beauty A Box! This has a great collection of beauty faves to fall for! Our crave-worthy glass (in the shade of the season), pumpkin latte, our most decadent scent ever, Velvet Travel Spray, our must-have Power Serum, plus a little seasonal bling pendant necklace! All for only $10 with any $40 purchase! Yay!

Shop Current Campaign A Box

Don’t Forget to ENTER TO WIN!

Until Next Time!

So, that’s it for today! I’ll put a link down below for you to do some shopping and make sure to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram to follow along on the adventures in New Orleans! Talk to you soon! Bye!

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