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If it matters to a woman, avon event

If It Matters To A Woman Event

If it matters to a woman


If it Matters to a Woman event was Saturday, June 20, 2015 in Oregon! This women’s fair had a vendor area, DIY area and photo booth. The vendor area was open for guests to come browse and glean knowledge from the information & services booths.

A gift to you! Women are the heart of their homes and work hard in the many roles that they play. The goal of this event is to honor and serve the women of this community by facilitating an event centered on information, services, products and issues that “Matter to a Woman”.

Thank you for stopping by my Avon table at the Women’s Fair this past weekend! It was great meeting you and I’m loving getting to know everyone in my new town!

Here’s my Avon event table!

If it matters to a woman, avon event


If it matters to a woman, avon event


Oh! The Avon dress I am wearing is the Avon Marrakesh-Look Maxi Dress

Girl Friends Photo Booth

Avon event, womens fair photo booth

Avon event, womens fair photo booth
My cousin Jackie, myself (with the chicken and the bucket) and my mom at the Women’s Fair Photo Booth.

Workshop Schedule (All workshops were up to 25 minutes long)

Avon event, Womens Fair


Wow! What a fun day! I’m so thankful for everyone who came out and visited my Avon table!

I was giving away Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard as a raffle prize and gave away 8 bottles with 42 entries!

Winners of Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard are:


Diana K

Sara P

Candace A

Terry W

Jeannie H


Cheryl V

Yay! So exciting!

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