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Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid Eyeshadow | What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 8, 2019

Liquid Eye Shadow | What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 8, 2019

Today I wanted to share Liquid Eyeshadow and More in What’s Hot!? Avon campaign 8! I have quite a few things to show you today, so I hope you’re ready! If you aren’t already subscribed to my channel, would you please do so? I just hit 2,000 subscribers and will be sharing a fun video about myself, that I hope you like!

Avon Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow

Introducing our brand new Glimmer Shadow Liquid Eyeshadow! When I heard this was coming out, to be honest, I wasn’t that excited about it because I’m not a huge makeup wearer. BUT! I heard great reviews from some of my Avon friends so I decided to give it a try and these are now my every day eyeshadow! It is paraben free, its a really lightweight, very silky eyeshadow that goes on so easily and dries quickly.

Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

This stuff really stays put! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced and eyeshadow that lasts like this! I also was thinking it would crease and smudge but it doesn’t at all! There are 8 colors and 2 different finishes. You can get a Shimmer finish or a glitter finish. And that glitter finish is quite glittery. At first, the glitter caught me off guard but I think it’s actually really fun and I’ve been seeing online and in photos that this type of glitter eyeshadow is really popular. So, I’m going with it! I have 2 shades, Peach sapphire and Rose Gold. I guess I got both in glitter so I’m also going to order the Shimmer to see what it’s like. These are only $5.99! You can’t go wrong!

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Sheet Masks

smooth out life's little wrinkles avon face mask - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Put your cool face on avon face mask - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Get on the bright side avon face mask - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow


We also have new Sheet masks! I’ve been waiting to use these but I had to wait to record this video! We have 3 sheet masks and they’re only $2.99! Brightening Sheet Mask with Grapefruit and Vitamin C which leaves your skin looking brighter, more even-toned and radiant. Calming Sheet Masks with cucumber and aloe vera with instantly soothes and leaves your skin feeling calm and relaxed. And lastly our Smooth sheet mask with resveratrol and chia seed that helps smooth lines and wrinkles. It’s a soft cloth like fabric that is infused with a generous amount of potent natural ingredients. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and when you remove it, you massage the leftover product into your skin. Exciting, right? I love these type of things and am excited to try it. Make sure we’re connected on Instagram because I share this on my Instastories!

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New Candle Scents

Pink Prosecco - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Fresh Breeze - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Cucumber Lemonade - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

Rose Garden - Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow


Did you know that Avon has candles? We have wonderful candles that are comparable to popular candle brands. Ours are 3 wick candles that burn for 30 hours and they burn evenly! We have 4 new scents and I have 2 of them. They are Pink Prosecco, which I absolutely love! It’s very effervescent and I had to see what it smelled like. It’s actually quite mellow of a scent. The other one I have is Fresh Breeze which is described as “Take a breath of fresh air with notes of sea salt air, lily of the valley, sea kelp and driftwood. Doesn’t that sound nice? Rose Garden candle and Cucumber Lemonade Candle are the other new ones. These are 2 for $24! This is also a very nice gift if you’re invited to an event this spring!

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Spring Quilted Vest

Glimmersticks Liquid Eyeshadow

I love Avon Fashion and actually meant to show you this in my last What’s Hot video but for whatever reason, didn’t. Sorry! But I’m sharing it now! This is my new favorite outfit! This is only available for a limited amount of time, so if you like it, get it! First, is our Spring Quilted Vest. I love vests! Do you? I’m a vesty kinda gal and this has 2 pockets and the inside has this nautical theme! Fun, huh? This is $39.99. I’m also wearing our Meredith Striped Pullover it has this cowl-style neckline and has a pocket in the front. It’s kind of a stretchy material but very warm. I do suggest going up a size. I think it runs a little bit small. But this is $29.99!

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The A Box – Your Spring Essentials

Glimmersticks Liquid Eyshadow

Last item my friends is our Spring Essentials A Box! Isn’t this a beautiful box? This is only $10 when you spend $40!This has our Nourishing Lipstick in the color Brown Sugar, our Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner in Sugar Plum, a try-it size of our Power Serum. This has been my go to serum for the last year. It’s a wonderful addition to your current skincare routine. You’ll love this little try it size. This ABox also has my new favorite Avon fragrance that isn’t even out yet! It’s coming out for Mother’s Day and it’s called Flourish Honey Blossom. I love love love this fragrance and I don’t say that often about any fragrance. This is a floral fragrance with apple blossom, honeysuckle and vanilla orchid. I’ve been wearing this every day! All this for only $10!

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Until Next Time

Thank you for coming by and learning about Liquid Eyeshadow in What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 8, 2019. I love doing these videos and your support is a huge part of that. Thank you again. Until Next time!


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