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Vitamin C | What’s Hot Avon Campaign 10, 2019!

Hi friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to share with you What’s Hot!? in Avon Campaign 10! In this brochure, you can get out Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment for FREE! Yay Free Stuff!

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Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Let’s talk about our Vitamin C collection! We have 3 new products that I am so excited about! We previously had a Vitamin C Brightening Serum and I really loved it. But now we have an updated version and I truly think it is one of our best products! This makes your skin look instantly bright and energized! I have red marks from some acne scaring and this my number one product to help those disappear.

This bottle has 10% vitamin c, which is the most you can have in a skincare product and has as much vitamin c as 30 oranges! The old formula use to be a bit sticky and kind of had an alcohol smell. Not very pleasant. But now, this stuff is so smooth and absorbs quickly. It also has a very slight citrus scent. You can use this morning and night after you wash your face before you use a moisturizer. This normally sells for $40 but it is on special for only $22.99! This is well worth the cost. I always have this on bathroom counter.

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Anew Vitamin C Warming Peel

Anew Vitamin C Warming Peel

The second item in our vitamin c collection is brand new and it is our Warming Peel Exfoliating Mask. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about this product because we currently have several different masks and I’m happy with my current mask routine. But of course, I had to try this one. OK, you will be missing out if you don’t get this! So it has dual exfoliation.

The first part is the vitamin c flakes and natural seeds that have kind of a gritty texture to gently buff your skin.

Then the 2nd part activates when you put water to it and it opens up your pores and removes impurities. I’ve used it twice now because this is my new go to mask. I love the way it makes me skin feel and how it looks afterwards.

After I wash my face, I dry my face and then take a little bit of them and put it all over my face.

Then I get my finger tips wet and massage my face. It has a warming sensation and feels so great! It doesn’t get hot, it just kinda warms and you can tell its working! This is pretty cool!!

Then you wash it off and you can use the brightening serum. This sells for $14.99. When you buy the brightening serum and this warming mask, you will get our Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment for FREE!

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Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment

Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment

Our Antioxidant Lip Treatment visibly plumps, smooths and conditions your lips to keep them looking youthful. This definitely conditions my lips and is nice to keep in my purse as a lip balm since there is no color to it. This sells for $7.99 but get yours for free because you definitely want the brightening serum and mask!

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Summer Sorbet Statement Ring

Summer Sorbet Statement Ring

Next item is a piece of jewelry! It is our Summer Sorbet Statement Ring. It has a 1″ faux stone, so it definitely is a statement piece. It’s so pretty! I have it in pink with goldtone and you can also get it in opalesque with goldtone, Aqua in silver tone and Purple in silver tone. These are on special for $7.99!

Shop Summer Sorbet Statement Ring

Espira Plant Power Protein

Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

Next item is our Espira Plant Power Protein. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before and I’m not sure why because its something I drink almost every single day! This is a protein drink but it is all plant based and vegan! It has sprouted quinoa, yellow peas and globe artichokes. It has no dairy, no shellfish, no nuts.. you can get it in chocolate which is my favorite and vanilla, which is my husbands favorite. You can easily shake it up in a blender bottle, which tastes great and easy for on the go.

Typically my husband and I make our drinks after we workout, put it in a blender with a handful of greens like spinach, a little bit of fruit and the protein powder with some water. I also like to add in our Espira Plant Power Greens for that extra nutritional boost (which I love this stuff too). I really think you’ll like this stuff! In fact, I’m happy to send you a sample of one of these. Just send me a quick message @MakeupMavenJessica. These canisters have 15 servings in them and sell for $35. Which if you haven’t priced plant protein powder, this is a steal!

Shop Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

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Avon Current Campaign A Box

Avon Current Campaign A Box

Last item my friends is our A Box! This is our Eye Know It All a box to wake up your eyes! Start with our award-winning De-Puffing Eye Serum. If you didn’t know, this was Marie Claire’s #1 product that will change your life in 2018. This stuff is amazing. You will also get our glimmerstick brow definer in dark brown and an a box exclusive eyebrow stencil kit! It comes in this case with four stencils and a brow brush. Fancy, huh? You get all this for only $10 with any $40 purchase AND if you get the 2 Vitamin C products, you’ll get the lip treatment for free!

Shop Avon Current Campaign A Box

Until Next Time!

Well that’s it for today! As always, I am here and happy to help with your Avon needs. Bye!



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