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mark. By Avon Body Collection

mark. By Avon Body Collection

mark. By Avon Body Collection – Mists, Scrubs and More!

mark. By Avon Body Collection Offers a verity of great smelling butters, scrubs, mists, body washes and hand creams! Check out these and more from mark. By Avon Body Collection.

mark. By Avon Body Collection

mark. By Avon Sweet on Lemon Sugar Body Butter (no longer available)

mark. By Avon Sweet on Lemon Sugar Body ButterOur new, uber-rich formula not only has a silky feeling on the skin, it also melts right in, leaving skin looking moisturized and feeling super-pampered. 6.75 oz. net. wt.

Vivue from Pacifica gives it 5 stars and calls it a terrific product

“Lighter scent than Jasmine. Very refreshing scent, long lasting, maybe more suited to office vs personal time. Especially refreshing in warm weather”


  • Easy To Use
  • Effective
  • Good Value
  • Lightweight
  • Smells Great

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

mark. By Avon Sweet on Lemon Sugar – Check out the complete line

mark. By Avon Body Butters also available in Passionate for Plumberry


mark. Passionate for Plumberry Body Scrub

Play into your passionate side with notes of succulent plum, blackberry blossom and passionflower.mark. Passionate for Plumberry Body Scrub

In scents so obsession-worthy, you’ll look forward to exfoliating, our scrubs provide a serious shower experience! The foaming formula with sugar cane extract cleanses as it exfoliates, leaving skin softer, smoother—and ready to be shown off! 6.7 fl. oz.

Shop the Complete Passionate for Plumberry Line.

Looking for something different? mark. By Avon body scrub also available in Crushing on Coconut


mark. By Avon Dreaming Of Jasmine Body Mist (no longer available)

Feeling like Aladdin? Try out the Dreaming of Jasmine line and experience this fantastic body mist.

Channel your inner romantic with a blend of jasmine petals, peach and vanilla.

After a shower or workout, or simply in place of a full-fledged fragrance, this mist not only adds a hint of one of our swoon-worthy bath + body scents to the skin, it also leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated. 6.7 fl. oz.

Ginny from Atlanta, Ga. gives it 5 stars and says

“Love the scent. Disappointed that you or longer have body oil in this fragrance.”

You read that right. The only thing negative she had to say about it is that you can’t get the scent in the body oil anymore. I’d saying that is glowing review.



mark. By Avon Crushing on Coconut 3-in-1 Body Wash (no longer available)

Who doesn’t like the smell of paradise? No one I know of. mark. By Avon Body Collection’s body wash is great stuff.mark. By Avon Crushing on Coconut 3-in-1 Body Wash

Indulge your delectable spirit with a blend of coconut cream, mandarin and fresh orchids.

It’s a shampoo, shower wash and bubble bath – all in one chameleon of a cleanser! This rich, creamy-feeling formula leaves skin feeling clean, soft and smooth and also cleans hair without stripping it if natural oils. 8 fl. oz.

Brown Suga says “It is perfect and it doesn’t get any better. Love it ! The scent is wonderful and the lather is unbelievable . You only have to use a small amount . 5 stars EXCELLENT BODY WASH!” I added the exclamation point but you get the point. Brown Suga loves this stuff and you will too!

mark. By Avon 3-in-1 Body Wash also available in Lemon Sugar


mark. By Avon Naked Love Hand Cream

Fresh and clean in the most amazing way with notes of apricot nectar, white peaches, velvet freesia and skin musk.


Dry hands have met their match in this extra-rich formula with a creamy texture that locks in moisture and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. 3.38 fl. oz.

I, like almost all of the people who have reviewed this product, love the scent and find that it is not overpowering. I can’t say enough good about it. I have some in my office here right now.

mark. By Avon Hand Creams available in Sweet on Lemon, Crushing on Coconut, Passionate for Plumberry and Dreaming of Jasmine.


Avon offers a wide verity of great products at affordable prices. See these and other great products over at my eStore.


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