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Mascara Tips – What the Pros Do

Mascara Tips – What the Pros Domascara

Would you like to discover about mascara – what the pros do?

I’m always in awe of celebrity’s eyelashes and think they look nothing like mine. I’ve been learning that makeup artists don’t just put on mascara and that’s it. There are mascara tips and tricks to what the professionals do.

  • Mix a few different mascaras, like black and brown. Wearing a black/brown formula is not the same as having two separate mascaras. There are two different ways to use multiple mascaras. The first is to coat the base of your lashes with black mascara and then apply brown onto the tips of your lashes. You can also use black only on your upper lashes and brown on your lower lashes. The mixture of colors makes lashes seem naturally thick and long.
  • Use an eyeliner pencil between the lashes. You can also use a stiff eyeliner brush with creamy black eyeliner and push the brush into the roots of the lashes.
  • Wear colored mascara like blue or burgundy. Use black on the base of your lashes and colored on the tips. It’s really subtle but brings attention to your eyes.
  • Choose the correct mascara. Do you want to lift, make you lashes full or be soft and natural looking? Determine what you would like to achieve  and you can find the perfect mascara for you!

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