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Fragrance Shopping Tips

Fragrance Shopping Tipsfragrances, buy fragrance, fragrance shopping tips, fragrance tips


Buying fragrances can be difficult, so here a few fragrance shopping tips to help you out!

Research before you buy

It’s best to read customer reviews and comments on fragrances before purchasing one that you’ve never smelled.

Also, take note of the descriptions and know what y0u like and don’t like. It’s also helpful research scents on top fragrance blogs like Now Smell This.


Test new scents in the A.M.

Do you ever notice how one scent can smell different on you compared to your best friend? That’s because everybody’s body chemistry is different and each fragrance reacts uniquely to each individual.

Mist the new scent on either wrist and in your elbow crooks. Allow the fragrance to heat up to your body’s temperature and then take a smell.

Walk around for awhile and then smell your wrist or elbow again. Most likely the scent will develop and change with your natural scent throughout the day.


Don’t try too many at once

Smell scents on blotting cards and then try on just a couple of your favorites.

Don’t overload your senses or you will end up with a headache!


Take home a sample

Most companies will give you a free sample of the fragrance you’re interested in.

I usually will try a fragrance a few times before I decide to purchase. I am sensitive to fragrances and want to make sure that I don’t have a bad reaction to a smell that I enjoy.


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