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My nail polish always chips - What can I do?

DIY Happy, Quickie Mani


DIY Happy, Quickie ManiAt home mani

Short on time? Short on cash?

Do It Yourself nails in half the time it takes to go to your local nail salon!


1. SHAPE File your fingernails into a square shape with rounded corners.

File only in one direction even though it feels more natural to file back and forth. This will help prevent your nails from breaking, cracking and peeling.

The ideal nail length should be to your finger’s tip but this mostly just preference.


2. TRIM – Work a cuticle serum or rich cream into your cuticles. Let that soak for a minute and then push your cuticle back using a cuticle stick.

I don’t recommend trimming your own cuticles, leave that for the pros. But if you have a hangnail, smooth it away with a buffer and only use nail scissors as a last resort. It’s painful when you hurt your cuticle, so be careful!


3. BASE – For the base polish to stick, it’s best to wipe your nails with polish remover. This freshens up the nail and helps clear the oils.

A base coat of polish is really important because it helps your color stay put and keeps the color from staining your nails.


4. COLOR – Do two thin layers of polish, no more. Also let it dry between each coat.

Wipe the brush against the bottle neck as you pull it out to remove most of the polish. Then you want to sweep the color straight down the middle of the nail bed.

With the following swipes, you want to skim the brush along the edge of your nail until it is fully covered.


5. TOUCH UPS – As much as I want the polish to “stay in the lines”, I’m not always the best at that.

I’ve learned that taking a straight eyeliner makeup brush and dipping into polish remover, lets me easily clean up around my nails.

It’s a great tip, you should try it!


6. FINISH – A top coat is best to seal in each nail’s color. I like to finish with a quick drying top coat, so I can get back to my life and not have to let my nails completely dry!


Avon green tea cuticle serum

I like to use Avon’s Green Tea Cuticle Serum.  Conditioning serum contains green tea leaf extract, aloe leaf juice and panthenol (Vitamin B5). Helps cuticles look and feel softer instantly. This comes with a little spatula for applying and then massage into nails and cuticles. You can order this at

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