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Grand Canyon Day Two

Grand Canyon – Day Two

Who can resist Smokey the Bear?
Who can resist Smokey the Bear?

After our first day at the Grand Canyon, we felt prepared for our second day. We layered our clothes, packed a healthy lunch and off we went.

On my hat, I had a button that said “I’m The Avon Lady”. I like to be a walking, talking billboard for my own Avon business!

The South Rim of The Grand Canyon has four shuttle bus services. We took the Hermit’s Rest Shuttle that stops at nine different scenic overlooks.

The buses arrive about every 10 minutes, so we could spend as much time as we wanted at each overlook.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 2

Grand Canyon 3


Pictures do not show the real beauty of this place!

If you know me, you know that I ALWAYS have my Nalgene water bottle with me.

Did you know that the average American uses 167 water bottles a year? That’s way too many for me, which is why I purchased my reusable water bottle years ago and it has saved me SO much money!

I was so excited to see that this National Park offers water filling stations located throughout the park.

These stations provide free, pure Grand Canyon spring water straight from the Roaring Springs below the North Rim.

They encouraged us to fill up, drink and enjoy!

Delicious Spring Water from the Canyon!
Delicious Spring Water from the Canyon!

Although there were 9 stops on this shuttle, we ended up skipping two near the end.

It was a LONG day and I was physically exhausted but we enjoyed every minute of it!

To read more about our adventures at The Grand Canyon, please go to Guillermos Travels!

Grand Canyon Us

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