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Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Family Photo!
Family Photo!


After being stuck in Las Vegas because of our RV breaking down, we finally made it to the Grand Canyon! Fortunately, the RV broke down in a Camping World parking lot and not in the middle of the desert!

As soon as the day started, my back pain started to nag at me. I don’t know if it is the elevation, the cold air, or what! But that didn’t stop me from handing an Avon brochure to the lady at the RV park’s front desk! The elevation here is 7,000 feet!

Interesting side note, the RV park we are staying at has to haul all of the campground water in so it’s best for us to try and conserve. No problem for us since we had just spent almost a week in the Camping World parking lot with NO water!

This is my first visit to a National Park since becoming disabled. There is a $25 entry fee per vehicle but I had heard that military, seniors and disabled people can apply for a pass and receive certain benefits. Wow! Now, I can get into ALL National Parks for free for LIFE! I’m also able to receive a significant discount on camping in National Parks. Perfect for us on our travels! This is truly a blessing!

There are two rims at the Grand Canyon. The South Rim and North Rim are just 10 miles apart as a raven flies, but 215 miles by road! Today we visited the South Rim because the North Rim is still closed for winter. Did you know that the Canyon is 277 river miles long with 160 rapids?

Grand Canyon South Rim Entrance
I wish Guillermo our frenchie was looking at the camera!

This place is SO beautiful even on a cloudy and very windy day! Definitely breath taking!

Yavapai Point View 1

I was wearing my Avon name badge so I didn't miss any customer opportunities! I also left a brochure in the women's bathroom!
I was wearing my Avon name badge so I didn’t miss any customer opportunities! I also left a few brochures in the women’s bathroom!
So amazing! It doesn't even look real!
So amazing! It doesn’t even look real!


It was a short visit today. Looking forward to seeing more of the Canyon tomorrow!

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