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Today in my Avon business

Today in my Avon business

Today in my Avon business

spring hand creamSince I’m traveling the country, I’m not always sure where to have Avon ship my order.

My hubby has a friend that knows a family in Albuquerque and arranged for me to have my order delivered there.

I had been tracking my the packages and knew it would be delivered last Friday.

As we get into Albuquerque we went to meet this fella and his family and grab my Avon order.

After talking for awhile, I mention the whereabouts of my order.

They didn’t know what I was talking about!

After looking on their porch (where it was said to have been left) and them telling me the possibility of theft was none.

They all of a sudden remembered that their skateboard, a chair and another various item had been stolen from the porch in the 15 years they’ve lived there!

So funny!

I thought maybe I had Avon ship to a different address.

I checked the address my order was shipped to and it was 3 numbers off and across the street!

I walk over to the house to knock on the door and I see my order sitting on their porch!

Excited it was there, I knock on the door a few time and nobody answers.

My hubby wanders off to talk to another neighbor and was telling him what happened so he didn’t think we were some hoodlums stealing Avon boxes!

I left a note, my business card and a mini spring hand cream on their porch and grabbed my order.

I’m so thankful they didn’t send it back, take it in the house and/or open it since it had been delivered 4 days prior!

So, thankfully I was able to get my Avon order, meet some new friends and enjoyed our first night in Albuquerque!

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