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What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 – Support The Cause

What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 – Support The Cause

Hi friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to tell you about an opportunity to Support the Cause and What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018! Make sure to hit the bell on my YouTube Channel, so you can get notified when I’m releasing my new videos because starting NOW, every campaign, when you order on my online store, you will be entered to win a bundle of products and goodies that I’m giving away!


Natural Energy Espira

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

Do you want more energy? I don’t know many people who would say no to that. Do you? If you haven’t tried our Espira Natural Energy, NOW is your chance to get a bottle for FREE! Our Natural Energy is long-lasting energy, gives you increased mental focus and has green tea and whole coffee fruit extracts. It is gluten free, no GMO ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no milk, no eggs or soy. The ingredients are top notch, clinically studied AND satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back!

This natural energy bottle normally sells for $25 but you’ll get it for FREE with any $40 Espira purchase.

Shop Espira Natural Energy


Espira Kids Multivitamin

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

Espira is our health and wellness line AND we just came out with Kids Multivitamin! This is super-foods for super kids and gives 100% of the daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals! This helps fill the nutritional gaps of even the pickiest eaters! When comparing our kids multivitamins to Flintstones vitamins and Centrum for Kids, ours are SO much healthier!

Our vitamins have the most daily value., the others have 12 vitamins and minerals, 5, 3 and 14 vitamins and minerals. All of the other ones HAVE artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors AND preservatives. Ours doesn’t! Espira Kids Multivitamins have 30 chewable berry-flavored tablets AND are only $10!

So, that’s $10 towards the $40 for the free natural energy… which we all need.

Shop Espira Kids Multivitamins


Espira Beauty & Inside Out system

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

To reach that $40, I wanted to share one of my favorite products from our health and wellness line. It’s our Beauty Inside & Out system. I’ve talked about this before on my videos because this stuff is AMAZING! It has biotin, collagen, antioxidants and really gives you healthier-looking skin, hair and nails. In fact, when we were just at RepFest this summer, we met a representative that her husband had been taking this. He was bald and didn’t have much hair on his head. But after taking this, he had NEW hair growth on his head!! Isn’t that amazing?

I truly believe in this stuff too because it works! My hair is naturally very thin and fine and I can see a HUGE difference when I take this consistently. You’ll love this as much as I do. The AM pills are $40 and the PM beauty elixir is $30 but you can get both for $54. And truly, the duo, taking them together will give you the best results. So, order the $54 and you’ll qualify for the free natural energy! You’re going to love it!

Shop Espira Beauty Inside & Out System


God Save The Queen

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

Are you fans of the British Monarchy? To be honest, I’m in love with her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She is SO beautiful, I love how athletic she is and she has so much grace and I just love her. With that said, I ALSO love Queen Elizabeth. In fact, her and I have the same Meyers Briggs personality type (ISTJ, for those that know what that is). So, when Avon came out with this God Save the Queen tee, it was the first thing added to my order.

One day, I’m going to attend one of her garden parties and shake hands with one of the royals. It’s going to happen! And maybe I’ll wear this shirt 🙂 Ha! I love this shirt has little black rhinestones. This is my new favorite shirt.

Shop mark. By Avon God Save the Queen Tee – $24!


Pink Hope Puffer Vest – Support the Cause

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

As fall is arriving, it actually gets cold here in Oregon. It’s been in the 30s at night already! So, I LOVE vests. I’m a vesty kinda gal. It keeps me warm and still allows me to move my arms. lol. Here is our Pink Hope Puffer Vest! I love that when you order this, 15% of the proceeds is donated to our Making Strides against Breast Cancer fundraising.

Now you can Support the Cause with Avon. And this vest has the pink ribbon that is embroidered on the back. On October 14th, I will be walking in our local Making Strides Walk to help end this fight against cancer. What I love about these funds that are being raised, is that they provide transportation and even hotel rooms for people when they’re going through treatment. I think that is so amazing and a needed service. Do you agree?

Shop Pink Hope Puffer Vest


A Box

What's Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 - Support The Cause

We are at our last item! Our About Face A Box! Does your skin care regimen need an about face? Power it up with a super serum, gravity defying night cream and a targeted wrinkle-fighter. You’ll get this trial size of our Power Serum (which is a must-have product and always on my bathroom counter), a travel size of our Platinum Night Cream AND a full size Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol. This is targeted treatment and perfect for specific areas that need a little extra love to help those wrinkles disappear. I like to use this in my forehead and my lines between my eyes! And if you know anything about retinol, it is THE BEST anti-aging skincare. And you get ALL of this for only $10 with any $40 purchase! You can get THIS AND the Natural Energy for FREE!

That’s What’s Hot!? Avon Campaign 21, 2018 – Support the Cause. What are you waiting for? The link is down below for you to start ordering today! As always, I’m here and happy to help! See you guys next time! BYE!


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