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Avon Starter Kits 2020

What’s in the Avon Starter Kit 2020?

Avon Starter Kit 2020

Here’s what’s the Avon Starter Kit 2021, click here!

Today, I wanted to share with you what is in the Avon Starter Kit for 2020.

Join Avon for FREE! Limited time offer! Here’s How to Join Avon for Free!

When you join, your $30 starter set gets mailed directly to you from Avon and arrives in 3-5 business days. No shipping fee to get it to your house AND you pay no taxes!

But, you can choose the FREE Sign up option with Avon! How to Join Avon for Free!

Your Own Free Online Store

You get a free online store and you earn on every dollar that a customer spends. There is no required inventory to buy with Avon, no required order sizes or sales quotas that you have to meet. And it’s really fun!

To get started selling Avon, here’s a link for you to join right away.

To sign up selling Avon, the cost is $30 (unless you join Avon for Free) and you can start selling immediately! The $30 covers the cost of:

  • Free online store (customized for YOU!) 24/7 so you can earn while you’re sleeping or on vacation
  • Marketing tools you can run with for free
  • Free social media posts to share all the latest and greatest
  • Full access to our exclusive rep website to help manage your biz
  • Free on-demand training and tutorials to up your beauty game on Avon U

AND choose your free sign up gift!

Choose Your Mentor Wisely

Before I go any further, I want to encourage you to choose a mentor or an advisor wisely.
Ask yourself:
Do I jive with their personality?
Do I believe this person has my best interest at heart?
Is this a person that I would invite over to my house or sit and have coffee with them?
If you want 1 on 1 support and training, someone to link arms with you and help you build a business that gives you the lifestyle that you want, and a leader that will help you reach YOUR goals, then I would LOVE to have you on our team!
You’ll have direct access to me, our wonderful community of ladies that all help support each other and encourage each other and we will have fun doing this together!
When you’re ready to start, it only takes 5 minutes. Go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH 

Your Free Gift

So, now let’s talk about the free gift that you get to choose! I love that there are 3 options and you can pick exactly what YOU want and that will fit your need.

Every gift set gives you full-size products and a few brochures to help you start sharing, sampling and selling like a pro in no time!

One last thing, Avon can change any of these products at any time. Fortunately, they have been making GREAT changes to benefit us reps. So, likely, you’ll end up better off, if things may change.

Here’s the gifts you can choose from:

All The Best Sellers Set

Avon Starter

This is valued at over $107,  but you get it for FREE with $30 sign up.  These are all of our top selling products. This Avon gift set includes:

  • Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
  • Vitamin C Brightening Serum
  • Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Mocha Latte
  • MagiX Face Perfector, SPF 20
  • Flourish Honey Blossom Fragrance
  • 2 Avon Books

I can’t wait to get to know you and help you succeed in your Avon business. Start Avon now it takes about 5 minutes to get started, go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH

My Journey Wasn’t a Fast Journey

In fact I sold Avon for 7 years as a hobby and wanting to make to happen but not putting a lot of effort and energy into it. Then when my life changed and I needed some income, i decided to start building a business and I gave it part time effort. It really started happening and growing. It was amazing at how quickly it grew when I was actually working the business.

Always Be Learning

So many people don’t apply what they learn and then they don’t do well. Actually apply what you’re learning!

I think you’ll be disappointed if you miss out on this! Here’s the link to get started! Go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH

The personal growth and change is amazing! I went from being so full of anxiety, not enjoying my days, not being the person I wanted to be. To feeling more confidence, I have more friends and I’m achieving some amazing goals and dreams.

Think of who you want to be 3 or 4 years from now? It’s so fun to partner with other women and work together. Whether you want to earn $100 A month or make this a true business opportunity and earn trips and lots of money!

You just need to make 1 decision! And for FREE!!

Here’s the link to get started! Go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH

Benefits of Selling Avon…

  • No sales quotas, so no required orders or order sizes.
  • No inventory to buy.
  • 100% product guarantee and free returns
  • Free online store
  • Free products and goodies
  • Trainings every Monday from me and our team
  • Weekly trainings from Avon that you can do on your own time
  • Team fb group and accountability where we all cheer each other on
  • No contracts or fees if you decide to close your account.

There is no downside! The worst case scenario is that you get a discount on makeup and clothes, you develop some friends and walk away with a little more money in your pocket. What do you have to lose?

Start Avon Now

Here’s the link to get started! Go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH

Then email me at: [email protected] so I can get to know you and welcome you to our team!

I look forward to celebrating with you when you open your biz!

My goal is to help you and support you with your Avon journey. That’s it for now! I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

Here’s my Favorite Avon Business Tool!

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