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The Latest Innovation from Avon - Anew Clinical

Anew’s Latest Innovation – Avon Campaign 11 Top Picks

Hey friends! Jessica here! Today, I’m excited to share with you my Top Picks in Campaign 11! I’ll be introducing you to our latest innovation from our Anew Clinical line where 100% of women saw that their wrinkles were visibly reduced in just 1 application! I’ve used it and have a few things to share as well.

If you’d like a video of me sharing about our skin care products because we have so much and it’s kinda hard to know what they all are and what they do, then please hit the thumbs up button and make sure to subscribe.

Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment

Anew Clinical Line Erase with Retinol | Latest Innovation
Anew Clinical Line Erase with Retinol

Before, I get started, I wanted to share the FREE product you’ll get with any of our Anew Clinical skin care products. This is a fabulous deal! Originally the Eye Lift Pro was going to be your free gift, but I just got notified this morning that because of shipping issues, it was changed to our Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment. People rave about this stuff and it works! It has the #1 wrinkle-fighting ingredient recommended by dermatologists. It is gentle enough that you can use it morning and at night to visibly smooth away overall fine lines and wrinkles.

This normally sells for $45

Latest Innovation Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Intensive Peel

Anew's Latest Innovation Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal
Anew’s Latest Innovation Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal

So, introducing Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Intensive Peel. This is a resurfacing peel similar to professional acid peels. This is not meant for sensitive skin. If you are having a current break out, don’t use it. That doesn’t mean to be scared of this but just start using this for a shorter duration. So, instead of using this for a full 10 minutes, use it for 1 minute to start out.

The alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) help remove dead skin cells and give you a visibly smoother, firmer and brighter complexion. It also firms your skin and helps clear any clogged pores that may create blackheads and whiteheads. I’m most excited that this also will visibly fade acne scars, which I have a lot of. After you wash your face, you put this on and let it set for 1-10 minutes. I started out with 2 minutes. Then you wash it off. It is recommended to use at night because you may get a little flushed when you use it. Then, it’s recommended you follow up with our Green Goddess Facial Oil, which I love!

This Revitalize and reveal is normally selling for $45 and it on sale for $26.99! And get the Free Line Eraser with Retinol treatment at time of post!

Pearly Mix Layered Necklace

Pearly Mix Layered Necklace
Pearly Mix Layered Necklace

Next item, is something that is part of our Mother’s Day items and it is our She’s Got Pearls of Wisdom collection, the Layered Necklace. It has 3 strands and is a combination of genuine freshwater pearls and pearlesque beads in light grey, peach and ivory. I think it is so pretty!

It sells for $34.99 and you can also get the 3 Stretch Bracelet Set or and Earring Set that has 3 pairs of studs that are all genuine freshwater pearls. AND because it’s a mother’s day special, you can get the tote bag that I talked about in the last Top Picks video. I’ve been using it every week for my deliveries and I love it!

Get it now!

belif Eau De Parfum – The Woods

Aside from Anew Latest Innovation do you remember how I have talked about the belif parfum The Garden? And how much I fell in love with it? Well, we now have The Woods Parfum. I was reluctant to get it because how can it beat The Garden? Well, thankfully, Avon had an incentive for reps to earn $100 in Free Products of their choice and so I chose The Woods and it is fabulous! I have been loving it just as much as the garden. It is a fresh and sweet scent. Invigorating floral greens transport you into the woods. A burst of lemon zest and dewy bamboo, intensified with fresh-picked pear blossom and water lily. It is wrapped in the sophisticated warmth of amber and musk. This stuff is so good! I’ve been keeping both of these on my desk and spritz myself often.

This is selling for $45! Get it!

Sterling Silver Statement CZ Earrings

Sterling Silver Statement CZ Earrings

So, another part of the $100 incentive that Avon offered reps, I got the Sterling Silver Statement Cubic Zirconia Earrings. They are .5 carat equivalent and normally sell for $64.00 and I wouldn’t typically spend that much on earrings. But I love stud pretty earrings and I was able to get them for FREE, just by working my business and I love them so much! Look how pretty and sparkly they are!

You can get them on sale for $49.99! So, thank you Avon! If you get them, you’ll love them too!

Tie-Waist Printed Dress

Tie-Waist Printed Dress | See Avon's Latest Innovation in this post

Lastly, we came out with some spring fashion and I got this Tie-Waist Printed Dress. It is navy in color and has a faux tie waist and three-quarter-length sleeves. I love this dress! When I walked to the kitchen after I tried it on my husband said “You should wear that every day!” So, it has the husband approval but it also feels good on!

It is on sale for $41.99

Check out Anew’s Latest Innovation and these others over on my eStore! Details Below.

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