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Products You'll Be Obsessed With

Products You’ll be Obsessed With | Campaign 4 | Avon Top Picks

Products You’ll Be Obsessed with and more in this Avon Campaign for Valentine’s Day. Hey friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to share with you my Top Picks in Campaign 4!

Campaign 4 is our Valentine’s Day brochure! Yay! And you’ll get a Limited Edition Lock Me In Love Key Chain for only $8.99 with any Valentine’s Day purchase of $15. This is super pretty and pretty big!

👉 Your complete guide to Valentine’s Day (Campaign 4):

Belif The Garden Eau De Parfum

Products You'll Be Obsessed With

I still haven’t gotten any Valentine’s Day stuff to show you, sorry! But I have gotten our new Belif fragrance.

I’m not a huge fragrance wearer and can count maybe 3 fragrances of ours that I can say I really like. So, I wasn’t going to order this fragrance because it is a little more expensive at $45 but I tried our Rub and Sniff in a past brochure and thought “that smells nice” then I was hearing from several of my Avon friends about how much they love it… THEN, Kelly commented on my last video and asked me to review it. So, I got it.

I got this on a Friday and immediately sprayed it and could say it’s my all time favorite fragrance. I’ve become obsessed with it, it smells so good! All weekend, when I was in my comfy pants here at home and hoodie sweatshirts, I was still spraying this on myself because I can’t get enough of it! It is so wonderful! It is a fresh and vibrant scent to energize your senses. This invigorating fragrance takes you on a stroll into a garden. It has sparkling bergamot and dewy spring blossoms are wrapped in a white musk for an unforgettable fragrance with a bright, buoyant feeling. Yes. Get this! You will love it, I promise!

Belif The Garden Eau De Parfum sells for $45.00

LYRD Candles

Next in our Products You’ll Be Obsessed With are candles! You know our LYRD fragrances? I like them, they’re nice. Well, we have 3 candles that make your home even more welcoming. If you watch my daily stories on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that I started a habit in fall of lighting a candle for my morning quiet time… which I love. So, I picked up our Violet & Birch candle that has delicate violet, crisp birch and warm vanilla. I’ve lit it a couple times and it’s a nice way to start my morning. We also have Rose Blossom & Musk and Juicy Currant & Magnolia (which will probably be my 2nd one).

These are selling for $19.99

Inspirational Strap Watch

Products You'll Be Obsessed With | Love Life Watch

Next Product You’ll Be Obsessed With.. I don’t typically share a lot of jewelry because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.. I like stud earrings but I really love watches and bracelets! We got a new watch that is an Inspirational Strap Watch that says “Love Life” and a khaki-colored strap and I think it’s a perfect every day watch and keeps my thoughts positive.

It is selling for $25.99 and do you see these cute inspirational pull cord bracelets?

I’m going to get all these too 🙂 They’re only $8.99 anyway!

Everyday Jogger

Remember when I said earlier that I was just hanging out in comfy pants wearing that new belief fragrance? I’ve been wearing our Everyday Jogger pants. They’re these black pull-on jogger pants, like sweat pants. They have pockets and draw-cord waist and have cuffs at the bottom. These are so so comfy and soft! I’ve been living in these every weekend. I did size up when I got them, so these are size medium because they were a little tight around my waist and I wanted to be able to put them in the dryer.

These are $36.99, I think I might get a second pair because these are all I wear!

Homestar Disposable Wet Mop Cloths

Disposable Wet Mop Cloths

Last item, is our Homestar Mop cloths! You know like swiffer cloths. These remove and clean dirt and dust and can be used with or without the mop and are safe on all finished floors. You can get the wet mop cloths and our Dry Mop Clothes. These have a textured diamond pattern to use static electricity to lock in the dust!

The wet clothes are $8.99 for 40 and the dry mop cloths are $5.99 for 50. You can also get the Mop Stick too for $14.99… but I have a swiffer and these still work well with it.

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve found something you’d like to try. Click the link below to do some shopping. Talk to you soon! Bye!

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