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Avon Espira Calm – Does it really work?

Avon Espira Calm – Does it really work?

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share with you my NEW favorite product, Avon Espira Calm.

Espira Calm

Do you ever have days that are really hectic, your plate is full and you feel a little off balance? Espira calm will help you relax both your body and mind to help bring you back to focus and give you the stamina to feel great and keep moving forward.

My Expierence

Recently, I was going through some days (okay, a few weeks) that were really overwhelming to me. It was right before the holidays, which is an already stressful time for most, I was working really hard to reach my goals before the end of the year AND my husband and I had to drive over a snowy and icy mountain pass to celebrate Christmas with our families. In the past, I’ve been a nervous wreck driving through snow and ice… so, I started my day out by taking these pills and I was SO amazed at how great I felt, how calm I was and how amazing this supplement works!

Take 2 Capsules Daily as Needed

You take 2 capsules, preferably with food, daily. This has 60 capsules in it, so ideally, it should last you quite awhile.

Espira Calm helps you relax from the stress of every day life while maintaining an alert state of mind. I haven’t been drowsy at all when I’ve taken it.

I’m Sold

This is patented and clinically tested and contains herbal ingredients that work together to support your mood… and really helped take the edge off for me. Truly, I was quite surprised at how well this has worked for me!

I highly suggest this product and encourage you to give it a try! Here is a link, so click it and get some for yourself  and have on hand for when you’re going through a stressful time.

Shop Espira Calm – $18.00

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