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Introducing Espira

Introducing Espira by Avon – Avon Heath and Wellness

Introducing Espira by Avon – Avon Heath and Wellness

Introducing Espira by Avon. Espira is Avon’s new Heath and Wellness Line. What does Avon have to do with Health and Wellness you may be asking? The answer is A LOT. Avon has always been about empowering women. Health and Wellness are a big part of that. After all without our health every other aspect of ours lives suffer. My husband and I have gone through our times of unhealth and we are so grateful that those times are in the past. Avon wants to see a healthier future for this generation. Espira is one of Avon’s efforts on that front.

Introducting Espira


What is Espira? How is it Different?

We all know that Health and Wellness is a HUGE market and there are many great products out there but there are also a lot of bad products making bunk claims. How is this any different? A valid question.

Espira is a product made from Truly Natural Ingredients. Not to be confused with the buzzword “Natural Ingredients”. Avon has made a promise on quality.

Many of the other products are really good but are often one size fits all solutions. With Espira there are different products for your personal needs. Instead of the shake containing the vitamins and nutrients like other brands Espira splits them up into separate products so you can mix and match. The Plant Protein Powder is Vegan and good for everyone. You would then look at the Restore Line to get the right vitamins for you.

Avon’s Promise

“Our formulas contain ingredients that have been clinically researched to bring you a complete program where you can see results that will change your life.”

  • Highest Quality & Naturally Sourced
  • Non-GMO Ingredients
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors & Colors
  • Created By Industry Experts

Avon Guarantees your satisfaction or your money back*

Three Lines to Choose From


Introducing Espira


Boost is about Cleansing and then Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with a cleanse, a metabolism boost and a Vegan Plant Protein Powder. My husband and I have been doing this for going on four months now and are loving it.

Ideal Cleanse and is gentle cleanse. It is a three day cleanse that is quite easy to get through. It was for the two of us anyway.

Natural Energy and Metabolism Boost have been getting fantastic reviews

Shop Espira 30 Day Metabolism Boost System Complete Kit – $126.00



Introducing Espira


Glow Gives Your Body What it Needs to Produce the Healthiest Hair, Skin and Nails you can.  We have just started talking these so we will update you on that later.



Introducing Espira


Then there is Restore. Oh how I love this line. Restore is the vitamin line and there is some exceptional stuff in here. In fact both mine and my husband’s favorite Avon Products are part of the Restore Line.

The Restore Line is geared toward you. There are three different daily essential packs and targeted  Multivitamins for:

  • Women Under 40
  • Women Over 40
  • Men

Espira Restful Sleep

Introducing EspiraRestful Sleep is my Husband’s Favorite Product. Most Sleep aids make him very drowsy the whole next day so he doesn’t use them but not Restful Sleep. He loves it. He has never had a problem falling asleep but getting rest has always been hard for him. He has always been pretty low energy his whole life.

With Restful Sleep he wakes up feeling rested. He also doesn’t need to nap as often.

Espira Calm

My Favorite! Stuff is amazing here is my video review of it.

Just in case you are laying in bed and don’t want to wake anyone up or not some where you can watch a video I’ll give you a brief overview.

Every year my husband and I have to drive over a mountain pass to get to our families for the holidays. I am very much not a fan of that type of environment and it always causes me anxiety just knowing that we have to drive over it. My stress often results in backseat driver syndrome makes the whole thing a bit more stressful.

Not this year though. This time I had my, at the time, secret weapon. Avon Espira Calm to the Rescue! I popped two of these puppies the morning before we left and by the time we got to the mountain I was cool as a cucumber.

The drive turned out to be quite pleasant thanks to Espira Calm. I highly recommend it.

Find Your Vitamins with this Vitamin Finder Quiz

Vitamin Finder Quiz - Introducing Espira

Until Next Time

As you can see Avon has really been working to bring us the highest quality products for a great quality of life. Over Time I will be highlighting the different Espira products individually and will post videos and blog posts about those as well. If you have any questions please comment below. Thank you for your support! See you next time.

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