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Avon Living Summer 2017

Entertaining Your Loved Ones with Avon Living – Summer 2017

Entertaining Your Loved Ones with Avon Living – Summer 2017

Summer has finally arrived and that means it is time to start enjoying the outdoors again. With many options to choose Avon Living Summer 2017 Collection has what you need to get your next yard party started. In the past we talked about Avon Living Gourmet Basics by Mikasa®. You should know that Gourmet Basics is a small part of the collection that Avon offers in Dining and Entertaining. Here are some products that will go great with any party.


Avon Living 4-In-1 Flavor Infuser Pitcher (no longer available)

Avon Living Summer 2017If there is one thing you will need for outdoor entertainment it is a cool beverage. This is a four in one flavor infusing pitcher. Four in one I hear you asking. That is right. This pitcher Multiple usage applications in on convenient package.

I love infused water all year round but iced tea is a summer favorite of mine and loose leaf opens up so many options. With the four in one pitcher you get different inserts to get different jobs done. It comes with a muddler for when you need to mash your infusion a bit to get those tasty flavors out and that works great with the infuser insert. If you are looking for some tasty iced or sweet tea then you will want to use the stainless steel steeper insert instead. Finally there is a chiller insert for holding ice without watering down your drink.

Avon Living Summer 2017Are you looking for a truly special drink to serve your friends and loved ones?. How would you like to serve your own fruit infused tea from great ingredients? Start by using the steeper insert with your favorite tea. Once your tea is ready use the muddler with the infuser insert. Finally when the flavor is right where you want it get ready to serve by inserting the chiller. The best part is you don’t end up with a bunch of dishes. The whole drink is made in the one pitcher.


Avon Living Tin Ice Bucket with Scoop (no longer available)

Avon Living Summer 2017This here Tin Bucket with Scoop is a great option for entertaining guests. You can’t very well give them a tasty beverage without also supplying ice. What better way to do that than to put ice in this cute little bucket?

The Bucket is made of galvanized iron with coating and rope handles and comes with scoop and lid. There is even a hook on the outside to hold the scoop so you won’t have to go looking for it.

It is eight inches tall and almost as wide. One of the other great things about this bucket is that it can be used to store many things like bath supplies.


Avon Living Ring Toss Game (no longer available)

Keep the group busy with a lively game of ring toss.

Made from rope and wood with classic back yard game comes with a 5 pegged wooden board with scoring numbers and two sets of rings for a nice bit of friendly competition.

Set is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and it sets up and breaks down quickly for portability.


Avon Living Tropical Oasis Mesh Food Tents Set of 2 (no longer available)

Avon Living Summer 2017Just like you want to keep bugs off of yourself, I recommend Avon Bug Guard for that, no one wants uninvited insects on their food either. Use these Avon Living Tropical Oasis Food Tents to keep your food bug free.

Each Tent collapses for easy storage and come in a set of two.

One has mesh on two sides and two solid sides adding shade to the mix for those foods that do well out of the sun and the other has mesh all the way around. These little guys are perfect for use while setting up a great tablescape.


Avon Living Server with Bamboo Tray

Avon Living Summer 2017What isn’t to love about this Bamboo Server Tray? Bamboo is eco-friendly, durable and easy to maintain.

The server comes with a removable melamine cup, perfect for dips. It’s a great gift for the hostess, a housewarming or a summer wedding.


Avon Living 3-Tiered Server with Stand (no longer available)

Avon Living Summer 2017While we are on the topic of serving how about this 3-tiered Server with Stand. The servers are made from porcelain and are dishwasher save for easy cleanup.

One of the things I love about this set it is versatility. The can stand together in a line to save space or separated out as needed.




Desert Time!

No yard party is complete without something sweet and tasty at the end. Here are two options from Avon Living to get your taste buds excited.


Avon Living Ice Cream Cone Molds Set of 4

Avon Living Summer 2017First up, how about some home made ice cream cones. I love the idea of making my own icy creations. Having the ability to do my own ingredient quality control is huge selling point for me. If you read labels like I do then you know it can be pretty difficult to find foods that don’t have a bunch of other things in them.

With these fun little cones you can fill them with your favorite fillings and freeze. How about fresh fruit juice with chunks of frozen fruit or blend some fruit in some Greek yogurt and honey?


Avon Living Adjustable S’mores Roasting Sticks Set of 4 (no longer available)

Avon Living Summer 2017Maybe you are looking for something warm instead? Something for around the campfire maybe? You know what I’m talking about S’mores and what better way to cook them than with these Avon Living Adjustable S’mores Roasting Sticks?

Each of these sticks expand from 10.5 inches to 33.5 inches. That is almost three feet and will help keep you from getting roasted like a marshmallow. It makes for easy storage to boot.

Each stick has a soft-grip silicone handle for comfort.


These are just a few of the many options that Avon Living Summer 2017 has to offer to make your next party a success. Look for these and more on Categorie Dining and Entertainment.


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