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Avon's Best Sale Ever

What’s Hot Avon Campaign 6, 2018 – Avon’s Best Sale Ever

What’s Hot Avon Campaign 6, 2018 – Avon’s Best Sale Ever

Hi friends! Jessica here! Today, I wanted to share with you What’s Hot in Campaign 6! This is Avon’s Best Sale Ever Brochure! I love love love this brochure when it comes around! We have clearance and up to 65% off in pages and pages of this brochure! Even our regular items are at their lowest prices ever! This brochure, I always get so many good deals and I know you will too!

Deals Deals and More Deals!

There are clothes, tops, dresses, sandals, shoes, heels, watches, jewelry, home goods, Christmas items, makeup, palettes, holiday items! So many great items! I’ll put a link to the brochure for you to look through it.

And Easter! We have some cute Easter items including this Easter Tree, with eggs that say “Bunnies Be Hoppin’ and I said a Hip Hop”. I think that’s adorable!

Now is a Great Time to Stock Up On Glimmersticks

Glimmersticks - Avon's Best Sale EverSince this is Avon’s Best Sale Ever Brochure, almost every item in the brochure is on sale! This is the time to stock up and get the things you like! For example, our Glimmersticks are at the Lowest Price of $2.99. I haven’t seen them this cost for at least 6 months. This is for eye, brows and lips! They normally sell for $7 each. So get some! As you can see, we have so many colors and types to choose from!

Stock Up Now

Anew Skinvicible Day Lotion

Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 - Avon's Best Sale Ever

I know some people are highly sensitive to some skincare products, so they are usually cautious when it comes to trying anything new. Our Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion is THE BEST for sensitive skin. It is fragrance free and oil free and hypoallergenic. It will not irritate sensitive skin and it keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours. It has Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to protect you against sun damage. This has the highest broad spectrum SPF available.

I love using this in the spring and summer when I know I’m going to be outside more. It has antioxidants that protect yourself against the visible effects of environmental skin damage while healing from past injury. Skinvincible targets dehydrated skin and wrinkles! In this brochure, you’ll be saving $16!

This is on sale for $19.99 Campaign 6, 2018!

Avon Fashion – Sienna Shift Dress

Sienna Shift Dress - Avon's Best Sale Ever

I’m sure you know, I can’t make a video without some new Avon fashion! I kept holding off on getting this item because it was more expensive. But I just couldn’t stand it and HAD to get it! It’s the Sienna Shift Dress. I was so super surprised at the amazing quality of it! This is one of the nicest dresses! I’m so glad i got it!

It sells for $44.99 and it’s beautiful!

Full Size Hand Cream

Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream - Avon's Best Sale EverLast item! Our Full Size hand creams! These normally sell for $4 to $5 but they’re on the lowest price of the year for $1.99! YAAY! Moisture therapy hand cream – Intensive Healing and Repair is fragrance free and is a top favorite of some of my local customers. Skin So Soft replenishing hand cream. And our Silicone Glove! Which is the best for people that wash their hands a lot. I love hand cream and this is my favorite!

Shop Hand Creams

Thank You For Coming By Avon’s Best Sale Ever

I hope you guys are having a good day! Bye!


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