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Goal Setting with Milagros Garcia

Avon Calling – Episode 5: Goal Setting and Team Building with Milagros Garcia

Avon Calling – Episode 5 – Interviewing Milagros Garcia

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Milagros Garcia about selling Avon and the Importance of Goal Setting. Milagros and Carlos Garcia are Top Leaders with Avon and she talked with us about how she stays motivated as well as team building and encouragement.


Avon Calling The Importance of Goal Setting with Milagros Garcia

Milagros shared some of the challenges she has faced in her business and how she has overcome them to reach the heights she has.

She actually plans a year ahead and makes sure to keep time for her team members. Staying true to her word is important to her and she lives by that.


Avon Calling – Milagros Garcia On Becoming a Top Leader in 2 Years

On Georgiana’s Channel we spoke with Milagros about how she helps to build and empower her team members. Developing the confidence that goes with direct sales. This business is about relationships and we talked about how important those are.

Milagros invites her team to reach out to her as needed and that is huge. Different people have different motivations. She refers to those motivations as “Their Millions”. Millions can be anything. Not just money. It can be anything from wanting some extra money to go on a date with your special someone to the financial freedom of owning your own thriving business. Helping with Goal Setting is a great way to aid in the success of your team.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be successful. Finding those things so you can come alongside your team is a big key to successfully duplicating yourself in another person. Duplication is the process of passing on your successes and showing others how to do the same and to be motivated to do the same. Find out what your team wants to achieve and help them with goal setting.


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Thank you for Joining us on Avon Calling with Jessica and Georgiana. Thank you Milagros Garcia for coming on! One of my favorite things about being an Avon Lady is the Relationships and connections we make in this wonderful community! It is so much fun.


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Find Milagros on Facebook at Milagros Avon Garcia

Milagros’ English YouTube Channel: Avon Wings

Milagros’ Spanish YouTube Channel: TEVELATINO AVONWINGS




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