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Extra benefits for Avon representatives!

Extra Benefits for Avon Representatives!

Extra Benefits for Avon Representatives!

This is AMAZING news! Avon keeps doing MORE and MORE for Avon reps!

Extra benefits for Avon representatives! Extra benefits for Avon representatives!

Avon has now partnered with Capella University (an online, accredited university) to provide an exceptional, professional education for you to succeed!

10% tuition reduction on all courses

PLUS, Avon is providing $8,000 grants on ALL bachelor’s degree programs

$3,000 grants for graduate programs


Full-Tuition Scholarship opportunities!!

Last but not least, 500 FREE courses through Sophia Learning! Capella University has partnered with Sophia to offer Avon Representatives competency based, general education courses designed to give you additional options to earn credits on your schedule. Thanks to the Capella University and Avon partnership, your can take your first TWO Sophia course for FREE! 

Avon gives beauty a purpose: to empower women everywhere. Now, in partnership with Capella University, Avon is supporting you with educational benefits designed to help you keep moving your career—and life—in the right direction.

We have found that academic and career success is possible with the right amount of freedom, motivation, and support. Now you can move beyond set deadlines and familiar coursework to a degree program that allows you to focus on what you need to know on a schedule that actually works with your life.

Your degree AT YOUR PACE!

Gain the knowledge and skills to build your business. Capella offers doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s and certificate programs in two learning formats so you can choose the one that works best with your experience, goals and learning style.

Wow! What degree are you going to work towards? Has money been an issue before? Avon will help you out now!

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