Avon Calling - Episode 3

Avon Calling – Episode 3 – Interviewing Lisa Harrell

Avon Calling – Episode 3 – Interviewing Lisa Harrell

Welcome to Avon Calling – Episode 3. Today we are interviewing Lisa Harrell. Lisa Harrell has been selling Avon for over 14. Since her first year in Avon she has been selling at or above President’s Club. PC is when you sell $10,000 in a year. This year she reached Honor’s Society again by selling over $20,000. Lisa has been doing a fantastic job with her sales. Here is how she does it.

Avon Calling – How Lisa Harrell Sells $20,000 in Avon in 1 Year


Avon Calling – An Inside Look at Sales Leader Lisa Harrell


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Thank you for Joining us on Avon Calling with Jessica and Georgiana. Thank you Lisa Harrell for being our first ever guest! It was great to get to connect with you through our love of Avon!

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Can you make money selling Avon?

Lisa Wilber Interview


Lisa Wilber Interview!Can you make money selling Avon?

Wow! I’m so happy April O’Leary had this wonderful interview with Avon’s very own Lisa Wilber. They are helping to spread the opportunity of Avon through Lisa’s success. Have a watch, I know you will be inspired!

I have met Lisa twice in my Avon career… so far! The first was around 2001 when she was doing a speaking tour around the USA and came to Oregon! My district manager had a wonderful event and I was invited to attend. Lisa’s story inspired me then and I believe she has a huge part in my Avon dream of being where she’s at in her business.

In summer of 2014, Lisa was having a fundraising event at her home in New Hampshire called Ride of Life and I was lucky enough to go! Pictures coming soon!

Here is April O’Leary’s website: ApriloLeary.Com

Lisa Wilber is one of the Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow!

Want to sell Avon full time? Watch this!

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  • Comment: Who is one of your favorite Avon leaders? Who should I add to my list that you find provides valuable information?
  • Looking for more info about becoming an Avon Rep? FAQ about selling Avon.
  • Start Avon Here! $15 only!
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Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow

Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow

Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow

Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow on Facebook!


One of the Avon Rep benefits include having a HUGE resource of information from current successful Avon leaders. I have been a part of these groups for quite a long time and find them all wonderful for their individual reasons. I have been fortunate enough to meet three of these ladies too! Life as the Avon Lady is awesome!

Here’s my list of Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow on Facebook!

Just so you know: Most groups monitor who is added. You must be a current Avon Representative to be a part. To be approved, please have Avon in your job history or as one of your listed websites of your Facebook profile.

  • Onward! No Matter What!  Created by Molly Stone-Bibb and Lee Bibb. View files, open question forum, conference call reminders and videos. Molly tells tells representatives how to build a business and get off your butt! She is straight forward but very likeable, lovable and kind! I met Molly at the Ride of Life event at Lisa Wilber’s house and she lived up to her big personality (and big hair) reputation!
  • Makeup Marketing Online – Emily Seagren is the guru of Avon marketing online. Her group was created for Avon Representatives to share ideas, tips, and materials for selling more Avon, marketing Avon online, and recruiting. I have found her resources very valuable and have continued to grow my online business as a result from her trainings.
  • Monday morning Madness – This group is the home of Lisa Wilber, inviting you to discover “the Winner In You”. We share, we talk about all things direct sales and network marketing. Be warned: no whining is allowed. Lisa Wilber makes a ton of money with Avon! Whenever I am asked “Can you make money selling Avon?” I look to Lisa. She is so gracious with her knowledge of Avon business and roots for all representatives to grow and have fun doing it!
  • Avon Flyers by Alicia – Alicia Burnett’s group for sharing flyers was made to help out all the Avon reps out there! These flyers can be used for advertising through social media sites and more! Copy and save the image to your computer or phone then post like any other picture.
  • Reps wearing A.V.O.N. fashion Avon Representatives post a pic of a wearable item and make a short statement about how the fit, feel, and quality of item is. This way all if us reps can see what the item looks like in different sizes. We are not here to judge one another, on what we look like, but this will help us with customers and decisions about different items.
  • Building Avon Reps – Tawana Lyles hosts calls for all Avon Sales Representatives World Wide!! Her group was created to share sales and leadership tips daily, share files to download. Tawana keeps you focused through out the year, Crush your Fears, Keep you positive, Build You Bigger, See Profits and help you become a better you. It’s all about sharing and helping each other reach the top! Lets Build It Strong and Big!
  • Endless Prospects – Sue Mazza believes there are people everywhere waiting to join your business! Some you’ve met and some you will meet. Learn how to overcome your prospecting fears and take action with fun, easy-to-do prospecting ideas and inspiration! Sue Mazza offer weekly calls that contain so much information and makes you walk away feeling confident that you too can have a great Avon business.

Whew! What a list! I’m sure if you join ANY of these groups on Facebook, you will discover new tips and tricks to build your Avon business and put money in your pocket!


What’s Next?:

  • Comment: What is one of your favorite Avon Facebook groups? Who should I add to my list that you find provides valuable information?
  • Looking to become an Avon Rep? Here’s more info!
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Avon Opportunity Meeting

I recently listened to Tawana Lyles’  Building strong Avon leaders conference call about how she conducts her Avon Opportunity Meetings with her team. This is her outline that she graciously shared on Facebook! Tawana is a Senior Executive Unit Leader and currently has Honor Society sales ($20,200 a year)! Go Tawana!


-Yourself, Leadership Reps & Titles, Guest

-CREATE THE EXCITEMENT!(Would you like to have $$Unlimited Income ??)
-Share Testimonies: Your Story or someone else
-Show New Avon Opportunity Meeting Slide (Optional)-(located @: youravon.com, Sales Leadership, Material & Resources, Avon Opportunity Meeting)

-BENEFITS: (Optional..If you did not use Avon Opportunity Meeting Slide)
-Free Trips, Gifts, Cars, Ipad, TV, Recognitions, Points and much more…

-Sales- (See Believe Booklet pg 27)
– Leadership -(See Jumpstart Program Flyer)
-Current Incentive (Just for You! For New Reps Only. Ends C26, 2014). Awesome!!
-Other Incentives:

-CHECKS WITH AVON- (The Unlimited Income $$)
-Explain in detail the Jumpstart Program (Show them the $$)
-INVITATION LIST – (print AOM Dream Guide or See Believe Book)
-Find 5 or More to join you in your new business! See your List
-Use Leadership Tracking Form
-Text your friends now, Go on facebook, Social Media asap
-What should I Say? Hi, ___ Could you use an Additional income of $300, 500 or more per month? Let me show you how with Avon! When can we talk?

-Button, Disc-Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset – Making the Shift Your 1st 7 Days!
-Free Products to promote
-Quick Guide




Host: Tawana Lyles/ Seul 2014


-Invite Top Seller/Sales Leader for testimonials or do your own.
-Get all leaders or sales Reps to invite Guest to Opportunity Meeting (They must attend to assist with their guest who wants to start their business)
-Walk in Music – upbeat, exciting, HAPPY music!
-Tickets, Door Prizes
-Appt. Kits, Material: RPS Calendars, Current Incentive flyers
-Full Appt. Kit on Display
-Top Brand Products to Display
-AOM Registration Form for Attendees to sign in
-Extra paper and pens
-AOM Dream Guide (To Develop Customer List)


What’s Next?

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