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Today in my Avon business

Today In My Avon Business

This is how I label my Avon brochures!
This is how I label my Avon brochures!

So, I placed my campaign 5 order while here in Vegas and received it in a day and a half! Super quick! As the delivery driver pulled up to our RV spot, I heard him moving heavy boxes from one side of the van to the other. I didn’t think much of it until he appeared from behind the van with 5 boxes of books on his hand truck! 5!? I didn’t order THAT many!

Well, I must have ordered that many. I received 330 books! We don’t have much room for them in the RV, so I really need to get to work and start handing out all these brochures.

First, I start by labeling all of the brochures. I use Avery mailing labels on the back of my books with my name, phone number, website and info on how to become a representative.

I also print a second label that I use on the back of the brochure that I call my “recruiting label”. This has a short blurb about selling Avon and info about starting your own business.

I’ve recently started adding a third label to my brochures but I place it on the front of the book. This label has info on how to connect with me on my website and on Facebook, and Twitter @MakeupMavenJess

Now, I’m off to find new customers and recruits!

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