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What is an Avon Makeup Maven?

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MAVEN- skilled and knowledgeable in a particular field. Someone who really knows her stuff!

An Avon Makeup Maven is the face and voice of Avon in the field. I am a partner and Avon beauty resource to my district and division manager. I also train people how to use Avon color on themselves and show them how to train their teams.

The Avon Makeup Maven Contest – In October 2012, Avon introduced the Makeup Maven contest. This contest was open to all representatives that love Avon makeup and you could win a fabulous Makeup Maven Pin, five product bundles throughout the year and a grand prize trip to NYC (among many other fun things).

To enter, you needed to make a short tutorial video showing Avon makeup or Avon nail wear. I knew that Avon gave us this challenge only to encourage our businesses to thrive and I thought that this was something I could do.

So, a few days before all entries were due I finally made my video. My wonderful husband helped set up our webcam and made a perfect “makeup” station for me!

I had written out what I wanted to cover in my tutorial because I’m not comfortable with just winging it! As prepared as I could be, I shot the video.

My husband then navigated through video editing programs, which made my life real easy. He’s quite amazing!

Sent the video in and waited patiently for a response. I was notified a bit later that I had won in my District 7508 and my Division, Golden Lights!

I WAS AN AVON MAKEUP MAVEN! I also won the grand prize AND GOING TO NYC!!

Out of the 60 divisional winners in the country, 4 would be chosen as Regional winners.They received an extra night in NYC, a professional photo shoot and a few other goodies.

Those winners are: Rebecca Ludeman, Lisa Monoson, Shannon Howard, and Kana Brown. These ladies are incredible and will make all of us Mavens proud being brand ambassadors for Avon! These ladies received an extra night in NYC and a professional photo shoot! They will be in an upcoming brochure and we are all anxiously waiting!

Here’s my makeup maven entry video!

To get to know me – see introducing myself…

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