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Top 11 Reasons to Shop Avon

Top 11 Reasons to Shop AVON

Top 11 Reasons to Shop Avon

1. Convenience – Items brought to your doorstep by a Friendly Avon Representative or shipped directly from Avon! No more waiting in line with your young children and no driving, so you are saving $$ on gas.

2. Selection – Avon has the largest color palette on the planet. And great products for each skin type, age group, and budget. We are also have a mark. line for the teenagers and young adults, or anyone looking to get the top trends in fashion.

3. Quality Skin Care – Avon’s world-class research scientists are continuing to revolutionize beauty products!! Who brought the world the alpha hydroxyl technology? Avon! And that was just the beginning! Wait until you see what we have now? Better results than your current product regardless of who makes it for less $$$! Take the challenge!!

4. Economy – Avon is #1 because they’ve shown over the decades (about 130 years) that quality can be inexpensive. We have skin care from $5 to $40, who else has that kind of variety? We have the #1 selling anti-aging skin care in the nation!! 100% money back guaranteed so the products have to be good!!

5. Jewelry – Very unique & top quality pieces ranging from $4 – $100, all with 100% money back guarantee!! Includes Sterling Silver, Fine Gold Jewelry and beautiful men’s and women’s watches!.

6. 100% Guaranteed – If you’re not satisfied with anything, Avon gives you a full refund or replacement within 90 days.

7. Gift giving – Great selection of unique gifts not found anywhere else. It’s not just about makeup & jewelry, ya know! Cinderella, Paw Patrol, Tinkerbell, NFL, Disney Frozen, Snoopy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more characters and brands have grace the pages of our brochures.

8. Fundraising– Does your church, school, or organization need to raise funds? Call me to find out how they can earn 40% of sales with a specialized Avon fundraiser. Tired of popcorn and candy? Many have raised $10,000 +.

9. Fun – Have an Avon party and win free Avon. Earn money or products by being an Avon helper. For only $15 join Avon and place an order of $100 to be rewarded. Interested? Then give me a call and start today!

Interesting fact: Where else can a single Mom start her own business for $15 and support a family? Only Avon!

10. Ease – Tired of standing in line at Wal-Mart? We have deodorants for $1.99, Shampoo, bubble bath and many of your daily used products at lower prices than your “wait in line” stores!!

11. Help out a small business! Why buy from a faceless chain when you can shop with a friend?


Thank you Heather Slocomb for updating this list!


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