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smart strategies to gain avon customers

12 Smart Strategies to gain Avon customers

12 Smart Strategies to gain Avon customers

smart strategies to gain avon customers

1. Represent Avon every day. Wear a pin, have an Avon name badge or t-shirt with Avon logo. You can earn a free Skincare Specialist Pin by completing the skincare course on Buy some iron on transfers and print out “Avon”. Iron onto some casual shirts and wear them!

2. Talk to 3 new people every day, this is called the Power of 3. Hand them a brochure, get their phone number and follow up before your next order goes in.

3. Call your best customers and ask for referrals. Ask: “Do you have a friend that would like to see an Avon brochure?”

4. Re-canvass an area of your choice – pass out brochures. Go door to door!

5. Follow up with all customers and customer leads before your next order goes in. Ask: “Did you have a chance to look thru the brochure I left you? Can I get you anything? Since I’m placing my order anyway, are there any samples you would like to try?”

6. Conduct a fundraiser. Be sure to get each customer’s name and phone number. Order enough brochures for follow-up and actually follow up with a phone call.

7. Participate in a prospecting – call back customers you have not heard from lately.

8. Telephone prospecting – call back customers you have not heard from lately.

9. Visit businesses you frequent or in your neighborhood during a slow time of the day (late morning/mid afternoon). Speak to the receptionist or person at the counter. Be brief, introduce yourself and ask to leave a brochure. “Do you get Avon service here?” Follow up!

10. Use business cards with samples on the back – carry them with you and hand them out wherever you go. Everyone should have business cards. Check out or Avon advantage partner Town & Country – right now they have an offer for you to get FREE business cards! You just pay shipping!

11. Develop a new helper from your current customers – select 5 customers that order regularly, love Avon and can take the brochure with them in their daily lives. Ask: “Can you take this Avon brochure to your work and see if anybody there would like to order anything? I will give you a free gift!”

12. Post bulletin board flyers in your neighborhood and service area. Write down where you post your signs and revisit and replace them every week. Take with you the names of others who have businesses, daycare, cleaning services, hair salon etc. Call them and ask if they receive Avon service.



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