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Avon Calling – Episode 6: Find Avon Customers and Growing a Team with Alice Chisholm

Avon Calling – Episode 6 – Interviewing Alice Chisholm

Today on Avon Calling, Alice Chisholm spoke with us about her Avon Business and how she got in to selling in the first place. For years she was a teacher. We talked about how to find Avon customers. She reminds us to let our clients know about the opportunity. Alice wonders if she would have gotten in to selling Avon sooner if she had been approached about it. Being an avid Avon supporter she loved getting her brochure every two weeks.

When her representative stopped stopped selling Avon she went through Avon withdrawals. Don’t let that happen to your clients!


Avon Calling – How to Find Avon Customers with Alice Chisholm

Alice started out with the Door to Door method and found quickly that she could be successful. Delivering books to houses on her way to work. I have said it once and I will say it again. Avon is a business about relationships. Here is how Alice does it.

Avon Calling – Alice Chisholm Share Tips for Starting & Growing an Avon Team

Over on Georgiana’s Channel we spoke with Alice about building an Avon Team and how she does it. As I mentioned at the beginning of this Article I mentioned she started out as a customer and when she now longer had a rep she realized selling Avon herself would be a great way to get her Avon fix.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be successful. Finding those things so you can come alongside your team is a big key to success in this business.


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Thank you for Joining us on Avon Calling with Jessica and Georgiana. Alice it was a pleasure having you and we appropriate you taking time to come on and Chat with us about this Topic we all love so much. I look forward to the next time we can get together.


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