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Make $7,500

Make $7,500 In Your First 6 Months – Avon Promotion DOUBLE Bonus!

Make $7,500 In Your First 6 Months – Avon Promotion DOUBLE Bonus!

Hi friends! Jessica here! If you are brand new in the Avon business, or getting started right away, you have this amazing opportunity to earn DOUBLE the Promotion Bonus. make $7,500 in your first 6 months as an Avon Representative!

Promotion Quickly Get Double The Standard Bonus

This is for new representatives that start in Campaign 5 through Campaign 13. The promotion bonus is one of the many cash rewards you can earn as part of the Advanced Leadership Program. Promote quickly, and Avon will double your bonus!

You can earn $7,500 before your 6 month anniversary with Avon, when you promote quickly.

Reach Bronze Ambassador – $1,000

This incentive begins when you place your first order and invite people to join Avon along with you. The first level that you’ll need to reach is Bronze Ambassador. That is when you have personal sales of $200, 3 people submitting orders under you and a total team/unit sales of $1000. With that promotion, the standard promotion is $500. When you do this with the rapid promotion timing within 3 campaigns, Avon will double that $500 and give you $1,000! Do you know how amazing that is? $1,000!

For example, if you submit your first order in campaign 10 and promote to bronze ambassador in campaign 12, you’ll earn double the $500 promotion bonus.

Reach Silver Ambassador – $1,500

The 2nd achievement title is Silver Ambassador. The standard bonus is $750 but if you do it within 6 campaigns, you’ll earn $1,500! Plus the $1,000 from achieving the previous level – Bronze Ambassador. To achieve silver ambassador, what are the requirements? Your personal sales are at least $200, 6 people under you with team sales of $2000. This is doable!

To earn the full amount for any of these levels, be sure to meet those requirements for at least 3 of the next 4 campaigns after you promote. Avon gives you a grace campaign because sometimes life happens.

Reach Gold Ambassador – $2,000

The next achievement is Gold Ambassador. The standard bonus is $1,000. When you reach this title within your first 9 campaigns, you’ll get $2,000! So far, that’s a total of $4,500! That’s pretty life changing, if you ask me! Gold Ambassador has $200 in personal sales, 9 people on your team with total team sales of $4000.

Reach Bronze Leader – $3,000

The last level is Bronze Leader – and you can do this! The standard bonus is $1,500. When you achieve this level within your first 13 campaigns (6 months), you’ll get double the bonus and get $3,000! Bronze leader is personal sales of $200. 10 orders on your team and total team sales of $8.000.

$7,500 at your 6 month anniversary in this business. What would you do with that money? How would it make you feel to earn that money? For me, I would pay down my student loans!

Let Me Help You Work Toward This Goal

To get off to a strong start and to start developing the skills you need to succeed, connect with me, go to Avon U, and attend training events. I will be there every step of the way!

If you are on my team my team and would like help earning this, let me know and let’s schedule a time to make a plan for you to achieve this.

If you aren’t an Avon rep but would like the opportunity to earn $7,500 in the next 6 months, I’d be thrilled to help you! Go to!



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