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Increase your Avon earnings

Increase your Avon earnings!

Increase your Avon earnings!

Are you ready to earn some extra money and Increase your Avon Earnings with your Avon business? Get some Helpers!

Increase your avon earnings


One great way to increase your Avon earnings with Avon’s sales program is by getting helpers in your business. Ask a few family members and a couple friends to take your Avon brochure with them to work, church or to a get together and collect orders.

Be sure to add a few order slips in the shown brochure. Have your helper collect payment at the time of order. This will grow your sales levels and your family/friend will enjoy the free product or discount you give her!

Why Have Helpers?

The Benefits of using Helpers:

  • You gain immediate, additional Customers consisting of their family, friends and co-workers
  • Your potential earnings is greatly improved through additional orders
  • You have assistance in taking and delivering orders – YAY!
  • It is always fun to partner with others

How Do You Find Helpers?

To find Helpers, Look for people who:

  • Want you to be successful in your business
  • People who are not interested in becoming a representative themselves
  • They are well networked in their community or socially, or that works at a business with many employees
  • Are BUSY and always on the go!

Milagros Garcia is a wonderful resource for all representatives. She is at one of our highest leadership levels and has sold a lot of product! Check out her youtube video about helpers!

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