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Are you scared to find new Avon customers?

Are You Scared to Find New Avon Customers? – Scared of Looking for Customers?

Are you scared to find new Avon customers?

Here is an easy way to build your sales business. I have used this exact script from Sue Mazza and gained new Avon customers!

 Customer Appreciation Day Prospecting - Are you scared to find new Avon customers?


Customer Appreciation Day Prospecting! by Sue Mazza

This is an excellent way to easily teach your downline to prospect for customers, helpers/subsellers and new representatives.   Plan about an hour for this event, although it can be done in less depending on size of office building, etc.

This method of prospecting, is fun, easy to learn and teach and virtually rejection free!

The easy “Magic 5 line technique”  below has been tested for efficiency and effectiveness.  Do not change the script or you may change the results.   After the script, I’ll explain why each line has proven effective.

Pick a small/medium office building.  I like Medical Office buildings because there are always lots of ladies working there.   Label some brochures and get a basket of samples, be sure to include fragrance and lots of lipstick bullets.   Figure on at least 2-5 brochures per office… so, if a complex/building has 5 offices, be sure to bring at least 25 brochures and lots of samples.   The returns here are well worth the small investment!

When you go with your downline member (bring just one downline member at a time for training and also so that it is not intimidating to the people in the office you are visiting).  As you are training your team member, you are also building a solid relationship with them.

Let the downline team member know that you will do the first few offices and then, they can do a few for practice with you.  Then, either continue that way, or to make the event even more effective, after 4-5 times, tell your team member,  OK, you’re doing great…we’ve still got several offices to go, so I’ll go down this hall (or to the second floor, whatever), and you do this hall (floor, whatever).    We’ll meet up at the end and then go for ice cream (or lunch or coffee, whatever) to celebrate! (time permitting).   This way your downline member sees you do it, practices themselves, and then learns to do it independently.  Your goal is for your downline member to be able to duplicate this again and again, and to be able to train her team to do the same.

Remember.. the definition of success  is to get a large group of people to do a few simple things over a long period of time.   This method of prospecting is extremely duplicatable as it is low cost and non-threatening.

Note:   You will ask your downline to return to the building the next campaign with more free samples and follow up with each office for each campaign.


  1. Hi, I’m (your name) from ___(your company name)___ .
  2. (Company Name) having a Customer Appreciation Day
  3. We’re here today with free samples of the latest….… (the new fall lipstick colors, newest fragrance, vitamin pack, energy drink, whatever, but remember.. everyone likes to feel they’re getting something for free!)
  4. (as they are looking through samples)    How many ladies work in your office so I can leave enough samples and brochures ?  (WAIT for them to answer as you smile as they look through the samples)
  5. (as you thank them and are getting ready to leave)…  Oh, by the way, we always give our customers a courtesy call before we place our order.  We’ll give you a call on (day you choose) to see if anyone needs any more samples or would like to place an order.  (Collect name, number, business card, etc)

There, you are done!   You are in and out of an office within a couple short minute.

Now.. a couple of other notes.

On Appearance

Be sure to wear logo clothing, jewelry, etc.  Be professionally dressed in casual slacks/skirt, not jeans and logo top so that you look like you should, representing  your company.

On The Script

Line 2 – DO NOT SAY “ I am having a customer appreciation day”, say “(Your company name) IS HAVING A CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY.”

Our tests have shown that people respond much better to the corporate name in taking the free samples and brochures because your business is sponsoring it, as opposed to an independent rep.  And, just in case you feel funny,  perhaps you are saying to yourself.. well really my company hasn’t announced it and it really is just me doing this!!.. I can tell you, if you were to ask the CEO of your company, they would tell you that EVERY day is customer appreciation day!!  So , you can say this with confidence and truthfulness!

On Followup

The Fortune is in the Followup!    Be sure your representative (or you if you are conducting the event)
calls back before the order is due to ask if anyone has any questions or wants to order, or even wants new samples.   We’ve had story after story about reps waiting to call back, to hear comments like.. wow, we never thought you’d call.. or thank GOD you called, someone took my brochure and I didn’t have any way to reach you!  (and then place a LARGE order!)

Further followup can include things like:

Remember people like to buy from people they know, like and trust, and knowing their name, smiling, being friendly and professional, all these help them to know, like and trust us) … saying.. Hi (NAME),  I’m (Your Name) From (your company).   I was here a couple of weeks ago when (your company) had the CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY and I’ve got some new samples and brochures for you.. How many ladies work in your office?… (chat a bit to build know, like and trust and then let them know you’ll follow up by phone.   Sometimes it takes a couple of times going back to start to really build orders in the building.

Consistency is key to success.   So many times, a customer will get a brochure but then the rep never
follows up with a phone call, or goes back, so you taking the time to go back and call will help them build trust in You, your company, and in your Professionalism.

Further Followup can also include…   delivering an order to one office, then going down the hall to each consecutive office, saying something like.  Hi!  (name if you know it).. I’m (your name) from _____.   I was just down the hall delivering their order to the ladies in suite 101 (or whatever) and wanted to stop by to see you too and give you some more samples of the latest (lipstick, fragrance, skincare, etc)

This can be used on many consecutive visits!   After awhile, they will EXPECT YOU and LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT!   Everyone loves free treats!

POTENTIAL OBJECTIONS  (So you and/or your team member are not surprised!)

There really aren’t many.   Once in a while you’ll hear  someone say:   “well, you’re not allowed to solicit in here so you can’t leave brochures in the waiting room.. or something like that”   We have had great success saying… “oh, we’re not soliciting.. we’re is having a Customer Appreciation Day and we’re giving out Free samples and brochures.  Remember to smile and extend the samples to them and invite them to pick some out and leave only one brochure.   99.9% of the time, this takes care of any tension.

I have had ONLY ONE TIME where the “gatekeeper” at the front desk told me No, I couldn’t leave anything, so I thanked her for her time and left.. only to find one of the people from the office come out the back door and follow me down the hall because she wanted HER free samples and brochures!   She’s still a customer to this day!   Trust me, no one has ever thrown any rotten tomatoes at us!   Most people are really glad to see us!

Another comment you might hear is:  “We already have an representative”.   I always smile and say, THAT’S GREAT!   Thank you for being a customer!   That’s why we are here, so pick out some free samples and be sure to call your representative to order!    DO NOT LEAVE A BROCHURE  as that could be perceived as trying to steal business from a fellow representative, even if you have the best and noblest of intentions.

Rarely, someone will not want to give you a number  for followup.. very rarely.   If you ask with a smile and a positive attitude of assuming they want us to followup, you’ll get that contact info easily very often!

Remember, When people see us in our company apparel/logo items, to them, WE ARE CREDIBLE AND PROFESSIONAL. We are the Face of  that organization and we always want to leave a positive, upbeat, friendly and customer-focused impression.

Final Notes

This method of prospecting is virtually rejection free, duplicatable and a fun way to meet new potential customers, helpers/subsellsers and representatives.

The goal is to meet new potential business friends and start building positive relationships.   You may not get orders the first time, but if you are consistent in follow-up, you will be practically guaranteed to develop a   nice customer base in that office/medical  building.

Think about it, What is easier.. to go to 25 individual customer’s houses, try to catch them at home and present your product?


Go to one office building, meet 25 new business  friends, in about an hour or less and spend the winter months building a high-level bonus or top-ranking Business in a warm office building where you are cozy and dry?


Help one team member each campaign to find and develop an office building and you will see phenomenal growth over the course of one year!!   Can you say KA CHING!!!

Remember, the definition of success- to get a large group of people to do a few simple things over a long period of time (this is perfect, easy, fun and duplicatable!)

Never forget that the Fortune is in the Followup!  No follow up – no reward!  You gotta call and go back!

And last… INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT!   Be sure your team knows your goals and has well developed goals of their own.   Be sure to inquire about their follow up, encourage questions, praise activity and be available for coaching!

Take advantage of CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY and watch your business grow like crazy!

We appreciate hearing how this prospecting tool has worked for you and how your team is successfully using it to  grow!    Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, results so we can congratulate YOU and others can benefit from your experience!
Here’s to Your SUCCESS!

Sue Mazza -Senior Executive Unit Leader, Avon Woman of Enterprise

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