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creating a successful Avon business

7 Keys to Creating a Successful Avon Business

7 Keys to Creating a Successful Avon Business

Are you looking at Creating a Successful Avon Business? Here are 7 of the most important keys to remember.

Here Are my 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Avon Business

  1. Be A Product of the Product – Wear and use the product! You are the best advertisement for your products. Share photos, videos on social media and when people compliment you on your fashion or how great your skin is, let them know they can shop your store!
  2. Brand Yourself – Commit to Being THE Avon Lady, not AN Avon lady. Always be ready for business by carrying brochures, business cards, recruiting materials and your smart phone so you can take orders right away. When I’m out running my errands and daily life, I always keep extra brochures in my purse and whenever I exchange money or my debit card, I always give an Avon brochure to that person too.
  3. Consistently Give out Brochures Every Campaign – even if your customers don’t order at first, they will when you continue providing them your Avon service. Keep serving your current customers and actively search for more every campaign.
  4. Follow Up – Follow up with your customers after you give them a brochure they’ll appreciate your service! I simply ask “Have you had a chance to look through the brochure I left you? I’d be happy to get any samples you’d like. I’ll be placing my order on Monday.” My customers expect my reminder call or text and love it, because their lives get busy!
  5. 5 Contacts a Day, 5 Days a Week –  To rapidly move your business forward, make 5 contacts a day, 5 days a week. These can be in person, handing out 5 brochures a day or connecting with people through text or Facebook Messenger. 5 X 5, 5 Contacts a day, 5 days a week.
  6. Ask for Referrals – Your customers love to share when they’re happy with the service you provide.
  7. Be committed – We gain customers and team members one at a time. To build up your customer base or team size, this takes time. Be gentle with yourself if you don’t move as fast as you’d like. As long as you are moving forward, that is what matters.

Set Goals

Set a goal to commit to these steps for 6 months. You’ll NEVER achieve your goals and dreams if you give up because it’s challenging. It’s worth it! Avon is worth it! Know that it is a business. You are opening your own business. Very few businesses in the world were successful immediately. They take work. Hold your Avon Business close to your heart and know that you are building toward a better future. You Can Do This!

Wash, Rinse Repeat

That’s it. Wash, Rinse & Repeat these 7 Keys to create a successful Avon Business!

I hope that has helped you! What is your favorite key? Comment below I look forward to hearing from you and love interacting with my audience.

If you aren’t currently an Avon rep, it’s easy to open your account, go to

That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you soon!

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